222 Granada Dr

Universal City, TX 78148-3137

August 26, 2007


Mr. Walter Teague IV

Executive Director

H.O.W. Foundation Inc

P.O. Box 2267

Universal City, TX 78148


Dear Mr. Teague,


Please convey to Mobile 14 (Cody, Raul, and Dante) my appreciation for their outstanding work on August 25, 2007.


I have a beautiful live oak tree that needed a significant canopy lift. Some low hanging major limbs extended across the alley and over two wood property fences. I was concerned that the job be done skillfully and with safety for both the crew and the fences that risked damage if limbs crashed down during trimming.


A family member in Austin had used H.O.W. Services and recommended that I do the same. It was the right choice.


When Mobile 14 arrived on-site, I asked the crew leader (Cody) if they were the best team. He responded, "Our company has a lot of good teams". I liked that response.


Throughout the job, attention to safety was obvious as heavy limbs were brought carefully to the ground. The crew leader paid attention to what I said and offered expert recommendations that yielded a well groomed live oak tree and a clean cut back of conflicting foliage from other near by trees. Ground crew clean up was superb from start to finish. My wife, Alfrieda, and I take pride in our home. We appreciate contractors who leave it looking as good or better than they found it.


I write this letter to let you know that the work ethic and congenial personality of these three men speak volumes on behalf of the goals of the H.O.W. Foundation. Having read the H.O.W. brochure, I now have a basic understanding of your program. In talking to these three men, one can see and hear a deep striving to take control of their life in a better direction.


Mobile 14 is clearly a team that supports each other and places high value on the worth of other H.O.W. crews. Though they did not claim it for themselves, I have to believe that they are among the best.





Glen Anderson